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Rent books when you need them from local students for as low as $1.99/day with our on-demand book rental service.

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You're paying too much for books right now...We make it stop.

Rent books from other students and earn money by renting out your books while you aren't using them.

Let's face it, no matter how you're buying your books, you never feel like you're getting the best deal.

And the few times you probably felt like you were getting a great deal on a book, it was probably the result of endless research and soul searching.

Or even worse, you go to buy a book you need immediately and it's sold out or not available for a week or two.

On-Demand Textbook Rentals with Total Textbooks solves all of these problems AND lets you make money on the books you already have.


Rent books you need for as low as $1.99/day

Make easy money by renting your own books to other students

Keep your books listed for rent even while you're using them, only rent it out when you can spare it for a day

Escape from the endless textbook cycle

Total Textbooks enables student to student on-demand book rentals that both saves you money and lets the books you own rake in the dough.

You'll start out by using our simple search to list the books you already own. We'll make your books available for daily rentals to other students at your school, allowing you to collect cold hard cash on your books while you aren't using them.

When someone wants to rent your book, we'll send you a text message to confirm the book is available and then start a private chat with the other student so you can arrange a time and place to exchange the book.

From there you sit back, relax and we'll pay you out daily to your debit card.

"This is cool and all, but what if they don't give me my book back?"

Great question, and like everything else, we have you covered!

We automatically charge the renter every day they have the book and you have to confirm you have the book back to end the rental. The longer they have the book, the more money you make.

If the book gets damaged or lost, we'll give you the replacement cost of that book so you can go get a new one.

If you don't have any books to list and just want to rent, that's cool too :)

Search for any book you need and you'll be able to instantly see if it is available for rent from a student at your school at a low daily rate.

From there, we'll match you with another student that has the book and start a private chat so you can get your book.

You can rent the book for as long as you need it, so when you suddenly need a book the day before you midterm we have you covered.

Textbooks can normally cost upwards of $1,100+ when bought from a store.

With on-demand textbook rentals, you can get only the books you need when you need them for as low as $1.99/day.

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